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Powder Block Glue SA 70

This material is produced on the basis of mineral powders, cement, concentrators and polymer additives in a single component form, which is ready for consumption only by adding water.


  • ISIRI    706-2
  • ASTM C1660
  • BS EN  12004

Physical State:



White and gray 

Special Weight:

1.60 0.02

Chlorine Ion:



It is available in 20 kg packs.

Working Time:

In normal temperature and humidity conditions, powder tile adhesive (SA100) lasts 45 minutes.

28-Day Compressive Strength:

4-6 MPa

28-Day Bending Strength:

1/2 MPa


Implementation method

Spread the glue on the surface with a spatula or toothed trowel and place the block on it.
Install the block by applying pressure on the surface and move it slowly in place for better adhesion while pressing.
After installation, at least 60% of the back of the block must be covered with glue, otherwise, a trowel with deeper grooves should be used.
The blocks must be installed on the glued bed within 20 minutes.
The prepared glue should be used within one hour according to the ambient temperature.
Do not use at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius.
The best temperature for glue drying is above 15 degrees Celsius.

Technical services

Aryashimi’s technical department is ready to cooperate and provide services in order to provide technical advice and how to use its products correctly.

Storage Period

It can be used for up to 12 months if kept in the recommended conditions and in the original packaging.


It should be kept away from cold and frost and direct sunlight and at a temperature of +5 to +35 degrees Celsius.

Benefits of use

  • Speed ​​and ease of execution
  • Quick and easy mixing
    Very high adhesive strength
  • Economical and high resistance to water
  • It can be implemented on the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the block
  • Resistant to moisture and cracking
  • Excellent resistance to extreme heat and cold


According to the type of work surface and the level of roughness of the block surface and by applying a thickness of 2 to 3 mm of block glue, for solid blocks, the amount of 2 kg of glue per square meter and for other materials such as cement blocks, clay, etc., the dimensions should be Construction materials and whether it is solid or hollow were taken into account .


The bonding time for better connection of the installed blocks is 24 hours of block execution.
SA70 block glue can be used to fasten AAC light blocks.

Surface Preparation

The work surface must be healthy, smooth, clean, free of grease, dry and free from any dust, paint and loose particles.
The combination of this product with concrete glue can be used for leveling, aligning and fixing the damaged points and partial jumps of the sections on the block wall up to a thickness of 5 mm, of course, enough time is required for drying..

Safety Tips

Avoid direct and permanent contact of this substance with the skin.
As a chemical substance, protective gloves and safety glasses should be used to avoid contact with skin or eyes.
In case of accidental contact with the skin or eyes, it should be washed with plenty of water.

Making Method

To make floor tile adhesive, mix SA70 powder with 5 liters of water.
Mixing the powder with water should be done using an electric mixer.
Add the powder slowly to the water and continue mixing for 3 minutes until a uniform and homogeneous dough is obtained.
Leave the prepared dough alone for 5 minutes and repeat the mixing process for 2 minutes.
The concentration of glue should be adjusted according to the type of work in such a way that after installing the block on the surface, it will not be easily separated from the surface at the same moment, if it is separated, the back of the block will be smeared with glue.
If the concentration of the glue is high and the paste is hardened, the block will not stick on it. The use of concrete glue with a high percentage increases the elastic properties of mortar against structural movements and cracking.
To make the reinforced block glue, each 20 kg bag of glue is mixed with 5400 to 6000 grams of diluted solution of concrete glue with water in a ratio of (1:1) or (1:2).
The specific weight of the ready adhesive with the diluted concrete adhesive composition is 1.65 to 1.75 kilograms per liter.


It is used to install all kinds of construction AAC light blocks, especially Hablex light blocks, to fill the gaps between the blocks in the porcelain wall, to fill the cracks and deficiencies in the block walls, and to repair the damaged points of the block.