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TF 10 Strapping Powder

This highly effective material is made on the basis of advanced and waterproof polymers and is intended for use on the floor and wall of indoor and outdoor environments. After hardening, this material makes all the straps waterproof and impenetrable, and it has a very high adhesion to the parts used.

Installation Time:

20 Minutes

Physical State:



According to the defined codes.

Powder Special Weight:

1.37 0.05

Paste Special Weight:

1.70  0.05


It is available in 3 , 5 kg packs


Implementation method

Mix 3.5 kg package with 980 ml of water.
Mixing the powder with water should be done using an electric mixer.
Add the binding powder slowly to the water and continue mixing for 2 minutes until a uniform and homogeneous paste is obtained.
Leave the prepared dough alone for 1 minute and repeat the mixing process for another minute.
For stringing with strings between 2 and 8 mm, liquid dough should be used.
Hard dough should be used for stringing with strings between 9 and 20 mm.
The pulling operation should be done using a rubber spatula. When smoothing the mortar, the rubber trowel should be moistened and cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth.
To smooth the mortar, pull the trowel at a 45 degree angle on the strap.
This material has excellent adhesion, therefore, it should be cleaned quickly after grouting.
To be performed at a temperature between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius.
For caulking horizontal sections (floor), mix caulking powder with more water so that it can be applied easily at the seams.

Technical services

Aryashimi’s technical department is ready to cooperate and provide services in order to provide technical advice and how to use its products correctly.

Storage Period

It can be used for up to 12 months if kept in the recommended conditions and in the original packaging.


It should be kept away from cold and frost and direct sunlight and at a temperature of +5 to +35 degrees Celsius.

Benefits of use

  • Easy flow, no drop and high adhesion
  • Waterproof and resistant to freezing cycles
  • Providing beauty and resistant to environmental factors
  • Very high adhesion to all kinds of materials and high mechanical resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
    Fixing leakage and dampness of straps, sealing them
  • No shrinking, shrinking and cracking
  • Suitable for bands between 2 and 20 mm
    High flexibility
  • Suitable for bands between 2 and 20 mm
  • High flexibility


Paying attention to the calculation of the volume (dimensions of the band) and the specific weight of the ready dough, the amount of consumption can be calculated.

Practical Items

  • Laying of all types of tiles, ceramics, stone and mosaics in the environment:
  • Residential houses and office buildings
  • Food and dairy factories
    All kinds of water features, swimming pools and fish breeding ponds
  • Laying of glass bricks, cement pieces and concrete prefabs
  • Filling all seams and straps
  • Bonding and sealing between metal and stone materials

Surface Preparation

The work surface must be healthy, clean, firm and free of grease effects, free of any dust, paint and loose particles. Before performing the plastering of the place, the tile or ceramic tile should be moistened and cleaned with a sponge.The surface under the work should be dry and free of moisture.

Safety Tips

Avoid direct and permanent contact of this substance with the skin.
As a chemical substance, protective gloves and safety glasses should be used to avoid contact with skin or eyes.
In case of accidental contact with the skin or eyes, it should be washed with plenty of water.