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What is concrete structure + types and 5 applications of concrete skeleton

Concrete structures are one of the oldest and most common types of structures used in the construction industry, mainly due to their high compressive strength and ability to be shaped freely.

Below are some common types and applications of concrete frame structures:

Columns: Columns are the main elements of concrete frame structures and bear both vertical and horizontal loads of the structure. They serve as primary supports for floors and walls and can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Beams and Slabs: Beams and slabs are used in concrete buildings as coverings for interior spaces. They are typically constructed using reinforced concrete beams, flat concrete slabs, or precast concrete slabs.

Load-Bearing Walls: Load-bearing concrete walls bear both vertical and horizontal loads of the structure. They can be used as lateral or interior walls and provide strength and rigidity to the structure.

Bridges and Dams: Concrete is extensively used as a structural material in building bridges and dams. Concrete arches, columns, and load-bearing concrete walls are commonly used as primary elements in these structures.

Industrial Buildings: In the industrial sector, concrete structures are widely used due to their high strength, long service life, fire resistance, and ability to provide large column-free spaces. Factories, warehouses, sports halls, and exhibition halls are some examples of structures where concrete buildings are employed.

The above examples are just a few common applications of concrete frame structures, and concrete frame construction is widely utilized in the construction industry.

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